Easy Freezer Organization

Do you have a freezer where things tend to go and become lost?

Me too!

I used to stick random leftovers, meats, and veggies into my freezer and forget about them. 

Until I figured out how to organize my freezer so it's super user friendly and convenient.

Now I go to the freezer to plan dinner instead of running to the store because I can't find what to cook.

All you need is a few storage containers that fit in your freezer and are sturdy enough to hold all of your goodies!

My favorite way to start is to spread out a large sheet and pull everything out of the freezer. 

This step is dual purpose! It makes everything visible for easy sorting and makes my utilize my time quickly. I know it all has to be finished before anything begins to thaw!

Begin by sorting everything into categories as you pull things out of the freezer. 

Our largest category is ground meat, so it gets its own container. Next is miscellaneous beef cuts like steaks and roast, then chicken with broth bones. I also have a "catch all" bin for any fruits and veggies that need a home. 

Once you get everything into categories, then you can see what works best for you! You can label your containers or leave them blank.

Whatever works best for you!

Once your freezer is organized, you'll feel so much calmer when it's time to plan dinner. 

The task suddenly won't feel as daunting as it used to... back when you'd open your freezer and have a random bag of green beans fall to your feet. 

Now you can open your freezer and enjoy what you see!

It may not be picture perfect or trendy, but it's super useful. Don't be afraid to have a normal looking freezer as long as it's user friendly and you like it!

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Genius! Thanks for sharing!! Where did you get the gray bins with the handles??


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